Forrest Galante and Retep chat once again with the Kings of Pain, just in time for Season 2! Wildlife nuts Adam Thorn and Rob Alleva reveal some of the most hilarious and horrifying experiences during the filming of KOP Season 2, including scorpion stings, moray eel bites, and “scorpion squirts”. This episode is full of crazy stories and gnarly creatures - get excited for Season 2, airing on May 26th on History Channel.

We love you, brosteners!

TWT #96 - The Breakdown

00:00 - INTRO: Where is the jingle?!

2:01 - Introducing KINGS OF PAIN SEASON 2 (with a trailer and everything)

3:48 - Adam Thorn & Rob Alleva, S&M fiends?

5:13 - Sting 1, Season 2 KOP: “scorpion squirts” story

9:30 - Rob Alleva describes giant desert hairy scorpion sting experience

12:56 - Talking Kings of Pain behind the scenes footage of Rob’s scorpion squirts

17:37 - How not to get stung, from the experts

20:25 - What happened after sting 1? 

22:09 - Rob’s unfortunate lasting effects from toxic stings

22:27 - Bristle worms 

23:25 - Are the Kings of Pain still scared of pain?

24:46 - How Kings of Pain season 2 hits harder than season 1

26:06 - The one bite Rob and Adam turned down

26:15 - Forrest Galante’s GNARLY as f***k moray eel story

29:37 - Venomous Moray eels?!

33:00 - Kings of Pain most feared animals

33:57 - Adam’s Orange Baboon Tarantula experience

38:05 - Rob’s Giant Desert Centipede sting 

40:03 - What Kings of Pain and the pain index does for education and conservation

42:56 - Rob Alleva’s favourite show (besides Extinct or Alive, obviously)

44:45 - Kings of Pain do STINGING SHARKS?!

47:25 - The Wild Times crew causes problems for Kings of Pain producers

50:26 - Unboxing the KOP Pain Idex poster!

53:05 - Kings of Pain SEASON 2 launch info - May 26th 2022 

54:06 - BATTLE ROYAAAAAAALE, Animal Superpower Edition
Rules: Choose 3 animal abilities to take on - a sting, a bite, and a special ability (strike, punch, electrocution etc) - to battle each other in a stadium
*Snake draft

56:06 - Retep’s first pick: bite of a paper-shredder mouth of a Moray eel 

56:42 - Adam’s first pick: bite of a beaded lizard

57:27 - Robs first pick: electric abilities of an electric eel

57:52 - Forrest’s first & second pick: acid shooting abilities of a bombardier beetle, and sting of a scorpion fish

59:01 - Rob’s second pick: bite of the reticulated python

59:28 - Adam’s second pick: punching abilities of a mantis shrimp

1:00:24 - Retep’s second & third pick: malaria-infecting abilities of a mosquito and “sting” (pinch) of a desert hairy scorpion

1:02:16 - Adam’s third pick: sting of an irukandji jellyfish

1:03:05 - Rob’s third pick: sting of a Portuguese man-of-war

1:03:42 - Forrest’s third pick: bite of a komodo dragon

1:04:38 - BR Creature Recap

1:05:32 - OUTTRO & where to find MORE Kings of Pain
Kings of Pain Season 2, airing 26th May on History Channel

Brosteners, make sure you comment and vote who you think made the gnarliest creature - good luck with this mess, Dave Sunshine…

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The Wild Times Podcast is back! This time Anneka Svenska, the wolf girl joins the show to discuss all things canines with the guys. Anneka Svenska is a UK Wildlife Presenter that hosts the popular Youtube Channel "Animal Watch"


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Join The Wild Times crew chillaxing on the couch at Retep’s place as they chat with the one and only Ms. Mallory, Queen of Creepy Crawlies! This woman is a serious badass with plenty of gross creepy crawly tales to share. Between her Fear2Fascination program, 8 Minutes of Ew podcast, and Weird Nature series, Mallory brings a new perspective into play that makes bugs and insects cool, not creepy. 


Watch on YouTube for some of the gnarliest and most amazing creepy crawly videos and images. For our brosteners just listening, don’t stress, this episode is full of wild and gnarly stories. We love you!

TWT #94 - The Breakdown


00:00 - INTRO: Robot Kyle counts us down


1:35 - Meet the queen of creepy crawlies, Ms. Mallory!


3:10 - Mallory’s story: fear to fascination


5:08 - How Forrest met Mallory


6:11 - Guess the skull with Ms. Mallory and Forrest Galante (super cool, go watch on Youtube!)


07:50 - Check out Mallory’s hagfish in a jar


8:00 - Ms. Mallory goes to Narcisse Snake Dens


10:00 - The Ms. Mallory and F2F angle for wildlife conservation


12:48 - Eating bugs is cool. Even Rhodes Galante is doing it!


15:30 - Mallory ruins blue cheese for everyone #science


16:37 - All about Ms. Mallory’s pod, 8 Minutes Of Ew


17:58 - Brosteners listening on a “listening device” (Forrest Galante 2022), time to come to Youtube for some tantalising wildlife video content!


19:04 - Superpowers of the velvet worm


20:14 - Why salamanders are SO dang cool


24:45 - African clawed frogs make good pregnancy tests AND deathly chytrid fungus diseases


26:25 - Ms. Mallory’s experience with botfly nesting in her HEAD (*brosteners, do yourself a favour and go to the Youtube for some horrific botfly extraction footage*)


29:21 - Mallory’s first expedition into the Belize jungle

31:20 - Forrest Galante’s survival tips: how to NOT get botflies


37:40 - Maggot debridement therapy a.k.a “Nature’s Neosporin” (Retep 2022) (*more gnarly content on the Youtube*)


40:10 - Fascinating leech facts: medical leeches used for surgery recovery?! 


41:44 - Forrest’s horrific leech story: Extinct or Alive behind the scenes


44:20 - Ms. Mallory’s creepy crawly tips: how to remove leeches properly


46:33 - How Mallory brings wildlife to underprivileged children


49:10 - Where to find more of Ms. Mallory and what’s next?!


51:00 - Forrest casually ruins how we perceive toothpaste #hagfishfacts


51:40 - BATTLE ROYAAAAAAALE, Creepy Crawly Edition

Rules: Choose 3 elements of weird animals to create the most disgusting, off putting creepy crawly. 

*No 2 picks from 1 category (spiders etc)

*Snake draft


52:55 - Forrest’s first pick: creepy, undulating legs of a millipede


53:42 - Retep’s first pick: head and beady eyes of a sewer rat


54:5 - Mallory’s first pick: nightmarish head of a lamprey. Second pick: tongue of a parasitic wrasse


55:55 - Retep’s second pick: tentacles of a giant squid AND a bonus Retep fact about giant squids


56:60 - Forrest’s second pick: body of a slime eel / hagfish. Last pick: face of a blobfish (Retep’s spirit animal - repping the merch)


59:00 - Retep’s last pick: stinky body (glands specifically) of a skunk


59:58 - Mallory’s last pick: creepy hairy body of a tarantula


1:01:26 - BR Recap (Dave Sunshine, get ready to create some gross as mockups)


1:02:25 - OUTTRO & where to find Ms. Mallory


Brosteners, don’t forget to comment and vote who you think made the grossest, most icky creature in this Battle Royale!


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Extinct or Alive host Forrest Galante and Papa P are joined this week by the King of Stings himself, Coyote Peterson! Coyote has been immersed in the wildlife field in a few different ways, so this episode is a GOLD MINE of info for wildlife nuts (we’re looking at you, brosteners). The Wild Times gang chat sting pain reviews, favourite memories from Brave the Wild, Coyote’s TV show, magic moments in Extinct or Alive, and go into how you can get into a career with wildlife. Don’t be like Retep, don’t miss this one.

Enjoy, brosteners!

TWT #93 - The Breakdown


01:47 - Coyote Peterson as “the guy who gets bitten and stung” and Forrest Galante as “the extinct animal guy”

03:20 - How Coyote Peterson became the King of Stings

5:40 - Forrest’s career advice from Joe Rogan

6:45 - Coyote Peterson on turning Brave Wilderness on Youtube and Brave The Wild on TV

9:36 - “If Steve Irwin had the crocodile, Coyote Peterson had the common snapping turtle”

11:08 - How and how NOT to hold snapping turtles

17:17 - Forrest Galante thinks Coyote Peterson is a F***ING genius

18:15 - Coyote on Youtube vs TV

20:30 - Coyote Peterson gets stung by the Cicada Killer 

23:28 - The King of Stings coming out of retirement??

23:50 - Execution Wasp and Giant Hornet vs Bullet Ant

25:23 - Coyote Peterson’s gnarly sting from the Execution Wasp 

27:15 - Coyote’s favourite memory from Brave the Wild: Pantanal Jaguars

29:07 - Forrest Galante’s best moment from Extinct or Alive 

30:15 - The Broducer’s favourite memory from Extinct or Alive: Forrest sniffs green jungle powder

31:10 - Forrest geeking out about Australian Wobbegongs

34:25 - STORY TIME: 19 year old Forrest Galante gets bitten by a lemon shark (kinda)

37:56 - Pat’s pre-BR game: Forrest Galante vs Coyote Peterson

39:26 - Forrest pitches his top bucket list expedition

41:10 - Coyote pitches his dream expedition

43:15 - Forrest is scared to visit remote Papua New Guinea (but would 100% do it, no question)

44:56 - What’s next for Coyote Peterson?

48:57 - How do you start a career with wildlife for real?!

52:28 - Broducer Pat goes to Yellowstone

54:38 - Forrest is ‘dollar store Coyote Peterson”

1:01:13 - BATTLE ROYALE!!

Classic BR: Create your own animal choosing elements of 3 animals - head, body, and legs - for an all-out battle in an arena. Caveat: your choices must be ONLY animals you have personally worked with. Snake draft, go!

1:03:06 - Pat’s first choice: HEAD of a 1200 pound Alaskan Brown Bear

1:04:46 - Forrest’s first choice: HEAD of a Taipan Snake

1:05:49 - Coyote’s first choice: HEAD of a Common Snapping Turtle

1:06:20 - Shoutout to Dave Sunshine, don’t let the boys down

1:06:38 - Coyote’s second choice: LEGS of a Wolverine

1:07:12 - Forrest’s second choice: LEGS of a Mountain Goat

1:07:55 - Pat’s second choice: BODY of a Fin Whale

1:08:40 - Pat’s last choice: LEGS of a Scolopendra (Red Centipede)

1:09:50 - Forrest’s last choice: BODY of a Fishing Cat

1:10:42 - Coyote’s last choice: BODY of an Alligator Gar

1:11:55 - Battle Royale RECAP

1:12:35 - Forrest’s quality outtro & where to see more of the King of Stings, Coyote Peterson

Don’t forget to comment on the pod and vote for who you think won this Battle Royaaaaale!

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Joining Extinct or Alive host Forrest Galante and The Wild Times gang this week are the fellow wildlife nutheads from the TV and Snapchat series, Kings of Pain. Giving Forrest’s amygdala a run for its money, Adam and Rob reveal their worst bites and stings from some of the gnarliest animals with the wildest super powers (featuring the aftermath of a reticulated python bite). These guys are CRAZY! 


This episode is one you don’t want to miss. We love you, brosteners!

TWT #92 - The Breakdown



02:02 - Who the HELL came up with Kings of Pain?!


03:15 - The Pain Index explained #science


04:02 - Another gnarly Forrest Galante spearfishing story


9:23 - Proof Forrest has an amygdala


9:37 - 16 foot reticulated python bite

23:15 - Faulty warrior wasps


25:03 - Hippo attack on the Nile


37:48 - Rove beetle superpowers


40:20 - Velvet ant pain review


42:20 - Adam slams Rob


42:32 - Wild facts about the slow loris (venomous primate?!)

52:43 - Retep gets deep


53: 46 - Extinct or Alive behind the scenes: Scolopendra (red centipede) sting remedy


54:47 - Giant Asian centipede sting pain review


56:34 - Longest lasting pain (hint: tarantula)


1:02:50 - Forrest’s amygdala strikes again


1:02:26 - Talkin’ pee-pee problems feat. candiru


1:04:52 - Kings of Pain bucket list


1:08:20 - Forrest lets a Nile croc bite his buddy’s nipple (typical) 


1:10:26 - Pat goes full producer: pre-BR game

1:19:19 - BATTLE ROYAAAAAAALE, Kings of Pain Edition

Rules: Choose 3 animals to bite/sting your enemy that will inflict the MOST pain WITHOUT killing the victim. You must also choose WHERE your enemy takes the bite/sting/etc.

*No 2 picks from 1 category of animal (mammals, bugs, etc)

*NOT a snake draft because Retep would never keep up with all these people


1:21:23 - Forrest’s picks

  1. Stone Scorpion Fish spice to the arch of your foot
2. Scolopendra giant centipede bite to the face
3. Rat bite(s) on the butt


1:23:22 - Adam’s picks

  1. Male platypus sting to the fingers
  2. Wandering spider bite (crazy superpower)
  3. Candiru up the pee-pee


1:24:38 - Retep’s picks

  1. Gila monster bite to the nipple
  2. Stingray barb to the TAINT specifically
  3. Box jellyfish sting to the face


1:28:00 - Rob’s picks

  1. Anaconda bite to the head
  2. Black piranha bite to the ‘worm’
  3. 6 foot electric eel bite to the taint


1:29:30 - Papa P’s picks

  1. Human adult bite to the nuts
  2. Bombardier beetle acid to the uvula
  3. Hyena bite to the top of the foot


1:32:40 - OUTTRO & where to find the KINGS OF PAINNNNNN


Don’t forget to comment and vote who you think won this Battle Royale!


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Fellow adventurer, and story teller Steve Bramucci joins Forrest Galante and the gang to talk about embarking on incredible adventures while traveling the world. Enjoy, brosteners and sisteners! Love you!
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Forrest Galante & The Wild Times crew are joined by world animal lover, conservationist and YouTuber Brian Barczyk as the guys discuss everything from Brian's reptarium to Titanoboa to Animalcon!
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Forrest Galante & The Wild Times crew talk about the recent observation of pods of Orcas hunting Blue Whales, what Forrest thinks about Mt. Everest and more!

We love you!

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Forrest Galante & The Wild Times crew are back talking about the possibilities of the Tasmanian Tiger, Thylacine, being alive in Papua New Guinea. It's a remote island with cannibal tribes.

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Bradley Trevor Grieve join Forrest Galant and Retep to talk about the Nat Geo top 12 animal moments of 2021. That plus a bunch of other ridiculous nonsense.
Love you mofo's!
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